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Staff Meeting, 5 March

[backdated post]

Discussion questions:

How can we improve the learning situation with Maori Boys e.g. personalised learning?

  • Relevant programmes for teaching and learning
  • Assist them in identifying with their cultural identity / research their own Taonga
  • Community involvement
  • Role models / mentors / inspirational speakers
  • Survey students
  • Identify what they are good at
  • More home room settings
  • Needs based learning
  • Positive relationships
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for success
  • Liason teacher for community / school needed

How can we further engage our community with the school, especially the Maori community?

  • Personal contact – oral is better thn letter
  • Contact homes more often
  • Ruakawa involvement
  • Implement a programme like Te Kotahitanga
  • Role modeling from the community needed
  • Social issues in the town need community help
  • Hui
  • Need to access community skills that are available
  • Need to liase with local marae
  • Provide child care facilities for parents with small children
  • Flexible school hours in order to incorporate parents
  • Food sessions – hangi, breakfast club, etc.
  • Access WINZ, Wananga etc.
  • Provide sorting oportunities and community things like gala days, Top Town, etc.

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