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First shot across the bow

Last night I was reading the last of several posts by Ewan McIntosh (I first encountered Ewan’s blog last year via his writing for the Scottish Education Authority, and his contribution to Coming of Age [pdf 1.9 mb]… anyway I digress… ). I’ve decided I have to start actively “edublogging”. I don’t doubt it will be a painful experience at times; I often find writing a taxing even ponderous process, too much like work to be enjoyable, but that’s probably because I don’t do it enough. I have made a number of attempts at blogs in the past years, using a number providers, tools etc. and under a number of guises and pseudonyms, all of which have tended to fall by the way. My time has been taken-up with reading (consuming?) so much that I didn’t find the time to write.

I have as an educator a professional duty to be reflective. I know and acknowledge that I haven’t been writing or reflecting enough about my teaching, or my learning; but hopefully that’s about to change here. I plan to write, even if only a few words, every school day. I’ll probably miss some, and other days I’ll simply be transcribing my historic reflective diary, into this digital format. Occasionally it may be a photo-diary, or a space to upload vlog’s (maybe Camstudio tutorials etc.).


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