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Catching the round

“The next best thing to be wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” CS Lewis

I’m going to start by acknowledging some of those that have gone before me; those digital citizens that have communicated their ideas with passion, expressing ideas about how the edublogging has helped them to grow as educators. I think I have learned more in these past two years than I ever have before.

Probably no surprises here:

  • as previously mentioned: Ewan McIntosh,
  • Derek Wenmouth of Core, who I have seen present several times now, met at ULearn’06, and who’s blog I find invaluable,
  • Helen Barrett, doyenne if Digital Portfolios, whose advice I’ve consumed since before retraining when I worked in Multimedia production,
  • Miguel Guhlin, who’s blog I stumbled on by accident a couple of years ago, and who I had the pleasure of seeing present at TUANZ (Rotorua) last month,
  • David Warlick

I’ll be adding more, but otherwise keep an eye on the my blogroll…


One thought on “Catching the round

  1. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blogroll and your blog entries! It’s so often when folks start blogging that they think, “You know, this is an awfully big mountain to climb…I’m not sure I want to blog.” They forget that, like taking a swim, that it THEIR experience that matters most.

    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the


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