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So many posts written but never published

When I first created this edublog I made a commitment – to attempt to post on a daily basis (with an unspoken disclaimer of “as often as possible”). My day-log would suggest I have not achieved anywhere near that target… however I’ve just looked at my drafts folder and I currently have over 30 unpublished posts.

It’s probably not best blog practice, but I guess I’ve yet to get over my old work practice of never publishing anything unless I’ve checked double checked everything before releasing it. This doesn’t mean mistakes don’t get through, but if I don’t like the flow et. al. I won’t pass it.

[EDIT] I’ve decided I’m going to publish each and everyone (eventually) based on the orginal draft day.

2 thoughts on “So many posts written but never published

  1. This post struck a chord with me: it sounds like me about 6 months ago! Back then I think I felt that every post I made had to be perfect, well researched and intelligent. I had to quickly get over that because I, like you, had a lot of posts in draft form: started but now completed. I went through, quickly completed the most informative/interesting ones and with bravery deleted the rest. From then on I made a decision not to do that again…. to accept that my posts would never be perfect, now I just wanted to capture what was inspiring me.

    Good luck!

    Kind regards, Rachel, Nelson, NZ


  2. Rachel thanks for the words of encouragement.

    A further note to self is to ensure I begin replying to others comments. This blog was meant as personal/professional reflective diary/journal. Eventually it may morph into a technological resource for myself; but for now I need to begin on the path…


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