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Why blog?

Why blog? Because I can! Because it’s a way to “vent”, to expand, to express, to organise. I can write knowing that my words are on nobody’s required reading list. I can write knowing it’s not cost anybody anything but the time it takes to click on to the next feed in their aggregator. I have never checked on my “page rank” and don’t intend to start, no matter how tempting. I might imagine / dream my blog is placed somewhere in the middle of popularity – more read than some, less read than others… but that’s just a dream. I can write my blog when I want to write just for fun. Mostly I’m writing for myself and have a collection of posts I’ll probably never published. Anyone who writes regularly might recognise that the writing process can be either extremely, excruciatingly painful or just as extremely pleasurable, and I can be just as much a hedonist as the next correspondent.

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