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“Alike” short film from Pepe School Land on Vimeo.

On the surface this is a simple video presenting a big message: that the modern world has become colorless and one dimensional; that everyday life is draining the colour of the workers, rather than encouraging creativity that to expand their visual plain. In this video the ‘father’ (it’s entirely mono-sexual) watches his child’s vigor (colour) fade and realises his own colour fades to grey each day.

What I think the video is remarkable in doing is pointing out that we don’t all learn in the same way. Many learn through the arts, through science, or through technology, and with the diminishing of any of these drains us of something important.

I caution against taking the video at face-value: art is always a reaction to the environment in which it is made, and one can’t exist without the other. That is the nature of art – creating something that elicits an emotional response, here a commentary on a culture that values uniformity and profit over any art. School can depending on circumstance be one of the most diversified places in people’s experience. The artist (violinist) or indeed the animators must have needed to complete a lot of repetitive learning (“grey” tasks) before delighting an audience. The implication that school and indeed the world of work are soul-sucking, uncreative places, overlooks the efforts of countless individuals following careers that involve creativity, from design and technology, to performance or indeed teaching. My school-based experiences have always included creativity, from design-thinking to problem-solving, historical interpretation to scientific empirical enquiry, all have required creativity to succeed.


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