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Digital Technology Consultation

With under two weeks to go until the closing of the Ministry of Education consultation on the Digital Technology Curriculum draft I thought I’d post this plea for anyone interested to make your voice heard.

Draft document cover

Here you will find links to: the Consultation Presentation from Tim Bell and Hinerangi Edwards (from the Rotorua meeting), three Curriculum Consultation documents (English medium, Māori medium, and the English translated Māori medium), a link to the online survey, and several Factsheets from the Ministry of Education.

Remember the survey will close at 5:00pm on Sunday 3 September 2017.

Also below are two links to some professional discussions the first a google document begun by early attendees (Nelson and Rotorua mainly) and added to by others that may help some of you clarify questions or thoughts on the consultation. The second, questions and considerations complied by NZACDITT members from prior to the consultation.

Survey link: Make a submission using the online survey tool 

You may consider and are encouraged to have conversations in your schools, professional clusters, professional social networks, CoL’s, and with parents and wider communities. Spread the message as wide as you can. Feel free to copy elements of this post to distribute, however, please remove the attachments and the Google docs. These are intended for us a professionals but not necessarily for general distribution.

Registrations are now open for the Christchurch CS4HS event The questions are: All What is Computer Science? Why it is being taught in schools?How do I get up to speed for teaching it? This year the event is particularly focused on people with no background in CS, teaching the topics for the first time. For more details read the full announcement.

I’d also encourage you to join NZACDITT as the professional body (name soon to change to something more pronounceable). There is a free introductory period currently for new sign-ups. Also encourage Primary and Kura Kaupapa associates to sign up as well as we now cater specifically to them, with their own forum spaces (membership free for this year).

And let me know if you are interested in joining our Waikato Teacher Cluster group!

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