Chris Dillon

Chris is currently a Teacher of Digital Technology (Computer Science) and Technology (Electronics) at Cambridge High School, New Zealand.

As a professional Educator Chris collaborates with students and other educators to improve learning outcomes for all. Chris is particularly interested in the role Digital Technology plays in improving outcomes and creating new learning and teaching experiences.

Chris has a Bachelor of Arts (Auckland), and a postgraduate diploma in Education (Primary).

Chris found himself returning to education following 22 years in the graphic design. A long time computer-user, digital-media artist and multimedia tutor, he abandoning the Land of Mammon to train as a Primary Teacher, only re-enter the realm of Computing, Graphics and Design as teacher in charge of Digital Technology in a small-town Secondary College, before transferring to Cambridge High School in 2014.

Chris is an NCACDITT committee member (2015 – present), and is on the PPTA ITC Advisory Committee (June 2017 – present). He is a fan of EduCampNZ un-conferences and Twitter, other social media, sharing and connecting with other learners.

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