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MakeyMakey Resources

Makey Makey is a physical computing keyboard replacement board. Using simple circuits students learn about integrating digital systems and the design process. By modelling and applying logical processes they can interact with the computer system as well as making posters or interactive objects, and code them using online systems such as MakeyMakey (Website) MakeyMakey… Continue reading MakeyMakey Resources

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Maker Camp: 3D-Printed Pinhole Camera | Make:

The fully functional P6*6 camera uses 120 roll film, comes in 35mm and 50mm lengths, and is printable without support even on the tiniest of print beds. It makes an impressive 6cm square negative — about 4 times bigger than a standard 35mm neg. Extrude it today and amaze your friends with a uniquely awesome… Continue reading Maker Camp: 3D-Printed Pinhole Camera | Make:

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Week 31 – Professional Context – Crossing Boundaries

Looking back to the future Mathison and Freeman (1997) describe one version of interdisciplinarity as a combination of disciplines that enhance the learning in one of those disciplines, and by integration transcends a single discipline through an interconnected vision. In my life, I have had several professions, from graphic artist and designer to multimedia trainer,… Continue reading Week 31 – Professional Context – Crossing Boundaries

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Just spent another enjoyable day at Educamp. This time it was Educamp Rotovagas 1014, hosted by the wonderful Annemarie Hyde & Marnel van der Spuy at Mokoia Intermediate. If you’ve never experienced Educamp it’s based on the Open Space meeting format, a “user-generated ‘unconference’ focused on e-learning and education. We’re all about growing our learning, networking, and,… Continue reading Educamping!