Professional Development Evidence



– – November to July (2017)

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning), MindLab, Level 8, 60 credit qualification in 4 courses:
    • CISC 8110: Digital and Collaborative Learning in Context
    • CISC 8104: Leadership in Digital and Collaborative Learning
    • CISC 8101: Research and Community Informed Practice
    • CISC 8100: Applied Practice in Context

– – February to November

  • EDEM665 Special Topic: Teaching Computer Programming, University of Canterbury:
    • Whole Year Distance programme equips participants to teach the programming standards in the NCEA Digital Technologies achievement standards, exploring computer programming and various approaches to teaching it.






  • CNISPA Standards Alignment Day, Morrinsville College
  • Connected 4, Southall School
  • EDUCampAKL 2011, Epsom Girls College
  • EDUCampBOP 2011, Bethlehem College
  • Kagan Co-operative Learning Workshop
  • Mid-Island Digital-Technology Cluster (School Support Services) (Term 1, 2, 4)
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Group Special Education
    • identify behaviours which contribute to the development of a crisis
    • identify behaviours which contribute to the development of a crisis
    • apply non-confrontational, non-verbal and verbal techniques which can help to de-escalate acting out behaviour
    • help prevent students from acting-out so physical restraint is not needed
    • use safe and non-threatening physical control and restraint positions as a last resort to ensure safety for everyone involved
    • find ways to use the time after a crisis as a step toward preventing future crises (postvention).


  • EDUCampAKL 2010, Summerland Primary School, Auckland
  • Google BarCamp, VodaPhone Centre, Auckland
  • Lego NXT Robotics Senior Challenge Day, Whitianga Area School
  • Mid-Island Digital-Technology Cluster (School Support Services) (Term 1, 2 & 3)


  • Learning@School, Rotorua
    • Keynote: Wes Fryer – writer, storyteller, podcaster and co-convener of the first K-12 OnLine Conference.
  • NCEA Best Practice Workshop, Hamilton
  • Writing and Critiquing Assessment Tasks, NZQA



  • ECSAS (Volcanics) PL Day, Reporoa High School
  • Rotorua Media Studies Day, Rotorua Lakes High School
  • TUANZ Education Conference 2007, Rotorua


  • Curriculum Alignment Project, Waiariki Institute of Technology, Tokoroa
  • Distance Education, Volcanics Cluster 2-day workshop with Chris Allot McPhee
  • Key Competencies in Depth, Ministry of Ed. Pilot Programme, Putaruru Cluster
  • Key Competencies – Introduction to Thinking, Min. of Ed. Pilot Prog., Putaruru Cluster
  • MNA in Depth, Education Support Services (in-service)
  • TUANZ Education Conference, Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton
  • U-Learn Conference, Christchurch


  • Curriculum Alignment Project, Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua
  • Distance Education through Video Conferencing Hui, Volcanics Cluster
  • Future of ITC PD Cluster Conference, Volcanics Cluster with Chris Allot McPhee
  • Introduction to Key Competencies, Ministry of Ed. Pilot Programme, Putaruru Cluster
  • Strategies for Enhancing Language Development, SES


  • ANP workshops, Cambridge East Primary School
  • Code of Ethics for NZ Teachers (professional development workshop, TOD)
  • Good Man (Celia Lashley)
  • Music in the new Arts curriculum, Waikato University
  • Perceptual Motor Programming (PMP)
  • Understanding ENP, Cambridge East Primary School


  • Quality Assessment for Adult Learners, Open Polytechnic, 2002


  • Introduction to Adobe In-Design


  • JavaScript Basics (HTML Writers Guild)


  • MacUser Show, London Olympia
  • Professional Writing for Business Users (HTML Writers Guild)


  • Introduction to HTML (HTML Writers Guild)
  • MacUser Show, London Olympia


  • MacUser Show, London Olympia


  • ICSIS (International Conference on Information Systems), New York

  • MacUser Show, London Olympia


  • IPEX (International Print Exhibition), NEC Birmingham

  • MacUser Show, London Olympia

1989 – 1993

  • MacUser Show, London Olympia