PTC 4 On-going Professional Development

Criteria: Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of personal professional practice.

Reflective question: How do I continue to advance my professional learning as a teacher?

Key Indicators:

  • Identify professional learning goals in consultation with colleagues
  • Participate responsively in professional learning opportunities within the learning community
  • Initiate learning opportunities to advance personal professional knowledge and skills
Link to the New Zealand Curriculum:
  • Teacher professional learning is informed by the reflective use of the Teacher Inquiry model (p.35). What happened as a result of the teaching? What are the implications for future teaching? Is there something I need to change? What strategies are most likely to help my students learn this?
  • The school is required to provide an advice and guidance programme for provisionally registered teachers and professional development for registered teachers to enable them to effectively deliver the curriculum
RTC 4 & e-learning – guiding question:

How do I/can I utilise e-learning to further my professional learning and development?

Questions I have asked myself:
  • How do I identify what professional learning opportunities would be required and what would be of value?
  • Who can best advise me on professional development opportunities?
  • What are the obligations of the school to facilitate these opportunities?
  • Were professional development goals achieved?
  • Did the professional development meet my needs this year?
  • Where to now?
  • How do I know what to move on to?
  • What further professional development do I need?
  • How do I reflect in my professional work respect for the cultural heritages of both Treaty partners in Aotearoa New Zealand?
Strategies that have helped me (school processes):
  • School management systems and appraisal documentation/practices lead to regular goal-setting and review
  • Professional development must align with progress to support continued registration
  • Use of focus areas from SAT and conversations with mentor to further inform decisions
  • Discussion with mentor and other PRTs on the value and application of professional development
  • Membership of an in-school Professional Learning Community (PLC)
Evidence that supports this (classroom processes):
  • Professional development undertaken (both in-school and off-site) – recorded in portfolio
  • Notes on opportunities taken to learn or practise skills arising from professional development
  • Examples of changes made to planning based on professional development opportunity – application of professional development learning
  • Examples of sharing my professional development opportunity with others
  • Evaluation form/review of professional development goals and planning for future professional development
External Evidence